Axolotl Care

Taking care of an axolotl is not difficult, but it is precise. Axolotls are neotenic salamanders that never reach "adulthood" and never step out on land. They are not fish, but always live under water. 

How to Care of an Axolotl

Axolotl Diet

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Axolotl Food Nutritional Information

Axolotl Water Parameters

Perhaps the most important piece in caring for an axolotl, is the water parameters. Axolotls live underwater and absorb everything through their skin. Without a healthy water environment, nothing else can work. They can withstand water temperatures from 58-70 degrees Fahrenheit, but ideal temperature is from 63-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher water temperatures increase the chance of fungal infection. 

How to Tub an Axolotl

In an emergency, use a food-grade plastic container that can keep axie fully submerged with cold primed water. Ideally, I aim to give my axie about 2-3 gallons of water. 

Common Axolotl Illnesses and their Cures